In the 1980’s there were many different musical experiments and where as most of these genres did not survive, there was one that was bound to last for a longer time. Eurobeat was originally known as italodance, but at the end of the 80’s and early 90’s the real separation began. New eurobeat studios were created and a compilation of pure eurobeat music began, CD serie: “Super Eurobeat” was born.

In the 90’s the genre became incredibly popular due to several collaborations with Disney, popular dance games such as DanceDanceRevolution and ParaParaParadise. The music is known for its high amount of BPM, fast synth hooks, and electronic feeling. Today there is still a large fanbase of Eurobeat fans all around the world, especially in Japan.

Eurobeat exists in many kinds: the fast and aggressive sounding Eurobeat -which is ideal for autoracing-. And there’s also ”Aishu Eurobet” which is slower sounding  Eurobeat that’s usually about love. Last but not least there’s Eurobeat at its purest form: very fast and happy-sounding Eurobeat.

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